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Latest technology in equipment and dental materials that are FDA approved.

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Our Services

Dentavac Dental Clinic is a Costa Rica based company formed by general dentists and specialists who join efforts to give our patients integral solutions.

Dentavac Dental Clinic with a highly trained team, precise imaging equipment such as 3D Dental Scan,all specialists and helpful Patient Coordinators—all together in the same center—we’re uniquely equipped to make your dental treatment the best possible experience it can be for our patients.

All our professional doctors and staff works closely with the oral surgeons to create lifelike prosthetic teeth. Prosthodontists have a special understanding of the dynamics of a smile and all aspects of oral health.

Today, we have over 29 years of experience and treated over 11.000 satisfied patients,now we are one of the top practice in Costa Rica in dental tourism.

There’s another huge benefit of Dentavac Dental Clinic: you can save up to %50 or %70 off your dental work with a high quality standards.

Special services offered at Dentavac Dental Clinic include:

  • Free Private transfer service Hotel/Clinic/Hotel
  • Free Private transfer service Airport/Hotel/Airport
  • A case manager assigned to youl
  • Appointment and travel confirmations


Dr. Luis Baez D.D.S.

Dr. Baez has been a part of our group for 11 years. In 1994 he graduated from the University of Costa Rica as a D.D.S. with a emphasis on cosmetic dentistry. Over the past few years he has completed multiple advanced training courses focused on this field and implantology.

Most continuing education courses are in the USA but also in other Latin American countries as well.

Dr. Baez has been a member of the School of D.D.S. since 1994 as well as a member of the Editorial Council of the Entrepreneur Dentist magazine, which is the most widely distributed magazine in the country.

He has also completed an advanced training program in Implant dentistry and has become a member of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI). Currently Dr. Baez is dedicated exclusively to private practice and the care of his patients.

Dr. Arturo Acosta
Dr. Arturo Acosta D.D.S

In 1986 Dr. Acosta graduated as a D.D.S. from the Federal University of Minas Gerais in Brazil and again in 1987 he graduated as a D.D.S. from the University of Costa Rica.

In 2002 he completed his Masters in Unibe Hospitality Management. During the 20 years of his career, he has focused mainly on oral rehabilitation and cosmetic dentistry.

Annually he participates in conventions by completing ongoing advanced training courses in the USA and other Latin American countries.

Dr. Acosta has been a member of the School of D.D.S. since 1988. He is the founder and head of the Entrepreneur Dentist magazine since 1997.

Dr. Acosta was also a member of the Financial Committee of School of Dentist Surgeons (2003-2004), member of the FDI. (International Dental Federation)

Dr. Gabriela Sibaja D.D.S.
Dr. Gabriela Sibaja D.D.S.

In 2007 Dra. Gabriela Sibaja graduated as Doctor in Dental Surgery from Universidad Latina de Costa Rica, and became member of the Costa Rican Board of Dentistry. During the same year she did a Prosthodontic Internship at the University of Valencia, Spain.

In 2011 she completed the Implant Dentistry Training Program from ULACIT, accredited by the University of Miami, ICOI and the Costa Rican College of Dentistry and became an active Member of the Implant Prosthodontic Section of the ICOI, the IPS.

Dr. Montserrat Chacón D.D.S.
Dr. Montserrat Chacón D.D.S.

Dra. Montserrat Chacón graduated from Universidad Latina de Costa Rica as D.D.S in 2008, and was accepted as a member of the Costa Rican Board of Dentistry during the same year.

In 2008-2009 she worked in Limón as part of the Social Service program of the Caja Costarricense Seguro Social. From 2009 to 2010 she did a Prosthodontics Internship and courses at, University of Costa Rica.

Dr. Drivan
Dr. Ivan Navarro Implantologist

With over than 17 years of experience in dental implants and more than 5000 implants placed and restored. Dr. Navarro graduated in 1990 from the University of Costa Rica as a Doctor in Dental Surgery. In 1996 he completed the Oral Implantology Fellowship program in the University of Miami / Jackson Memorial Hospital. Over the past years he has been a leader on the field of oral implantology. Dr. Navarro form part of the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Division of the Mexico Hospital and is the Director of the Costa Rican Implant Dentistry Program of the Latin American University of Science and Technology. Dr. Navarro has more than 40 publications in national and international journals. He is Master of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists and Member of the Academy of Osseointegration. Dr. Navarro dedicated is practice to the surgical and prosthetic phase of oral implantology.

 Dr. Chistopher Lang
Dr. Dashiel Carr Implantologist

2010 – 2011
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Internship
Division of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Jackson Memorial Hospital/University of Miami

2008 – 2010
Fellowship in Oral Implantology
Division of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Jackson Memorial Hospital/University of Miami

2007 – 2008
General Practice Residency
Division of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Jackson Memorial Hospital/University of Miami

2001 – 2006
Doctor in Dental Surgery
Latin American University of Science and Technology.
San Jose, Costa Rica

Dr. Arturo Acosta
Dr. Carlos Meza Periodontist

University of Illinois at Chicago Member of Costa Rica Academy of Periodontist

Dr. Gabriela Sibaja D.D.S.
Dr. Gustavo Gutiérrez Periodontist

Specialist en Peridontics Universidad El Bosque, Colombia Member of the American Academy of Periodontology Member of the International College of Oral Implantology.

Dr. Montserrat Chacón D.D.S.
Dr. Emilio Ramirez Endodontist

Dr. Ramirez graduated from the Universidad Latina of Costa Rica as a doctor in dental surgery in 2004, and was accepted as a member of the Costa Rican board of dentistry during the same year. in 2006, he was accepted in Universidad Autonoma of Guadalajara Mexico to begin his master degree in endodontics, which he completed in 2 years. in Mexico, he worked as a specialist in endodontics for different clinics in Guadalara. he is now a certified specialist in endodontics by the Costa Rican Board of Dentistry. Dr. Ramirez currently dedicates his practice exclusively to endodontics since 2008, he believes in continual education, that’s why he attends periodical postgraduate learning programs and meetings such as: Mexican Association of Endodontics in the years 2008, 2009, 2010; Guadalajara Endodontics regional meeting in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012; Costa Rica continual education programs for the a.c.c.o. in 2010 and 2012.

Dra. Ana Victoria Sotela Truque
Dra. Ana Victoria Sotela Orthodontist

Specialist in Orthodontics
Specialist in Pediatric Dentistry
University of Rochester, New York
Member of staff in Craniofacial abnormalities in Hospital De Niños de Costa Rica


All on 4 & All on 6 Dental Inplants


DentaVac Dental Clinic is proficient in providing our patients the “All on 4” techniques for replacing teeth in the upper arch and lower mandible. It is very important that the team of dentist are comfortable and have experience like the dental team at DentaVac.

In many situation, we are able to place the implants and provide the screw retained permanent denture in one visit to Costa Rica.  This is determined by the Dental Implantologist when placing the implants.  The Implantologist must make sure the implants are secure enough to support an immediate screw retained permanent denture.  Patients must be aware that the gingiva may shrink due to recent surgery creating a space between the denture and the gingiva.

In other situations, we can fabricate a plastic (acrylic) temporary hybrid denture on top of the implants so patients can utilize it during the healing process (3-4 months).  This will allow the gingiva to shrink after surgery and during the healing process so the final screw retained permanent denture will fit more snug to the gingiva.

All on 6 techniques is utilized mostly for the upper arch due to the fact that the bone in the upper maxilla is not as strong as the lower mandible bone.  This means that sometimes more implants are necessary to support the upper screw retained permanent denture.

Why All on 4 & All on 6 Dental Implants?

  • They are stable and easy to maintain
  • Require less bone volume and improves bone health
  • Gives you a brilliant new smile

In other situations, we can fabricate a plastic (acrylic) temporary hybrid denture on top of the implants so patients can utilize it during the healing process (3-4 months).  This will allow the gingiva to shrink after surgery and during the healing process so the final screw retained permanent denture will fit more snug to the gingiva.

All on 6 techniques is utilized mostly for the upper arch due to the fact that the bone in the upper maxilla is not as strong as the lower mandible bone.  This means that sometimes more implants are necessary to support the upper screw retained permanent denture.

All on 4

All on 6


All on 4 includes:

• Study models
• Photographs
• Panoramic X-ray
• 3D Dental Scan
• Extractions

• Bone graft if needed on implant sides
• 4 Dental Implants
• Acrylic Temporary (fixed or removable)
• Tytanium Final Bar with Acrilyc (4 to 6 months later)

Please Inquire About Our Prices


All on 8 Options

All on 8 Options

Option #1

All on 8 includes:

• Study models
• Photographs
• Panoramic X-ray
• 3D Dental Scan
• Extractions
• Bone graft if needed on implant sides
• 8 Dental Implants
• Acrylic Temporary (fixed or removable)
• 12-unit Zirconia Bridge (Six months later)

Option #2

All on 8 includes:

• Study models
• Photographs
• Panoramic Xray
• 3D Dental Scan
• Extractions
• Bone graft if needed on implant sides
• 8 Dental Implants
• Acrilyc Temporary (fixed or removable)
• 14-unit Zirconia Bridge (Six months later)

Please Inquire About Our Prices


Many dental implants at DentaVac Dental Clinic are placed every day by our trained Dental Implantologist.

We use FDA approved implants such as Zimmer, Implant Direct and PI due to their incredible success rates. We do not use generic or lesser quality implants to reduce the cost.

Our implants are very high quality and can be placed with confidence for our budget minded patients.  Our surgeons are trained in the United States and other countries.

DentaVac surgeons have placed over 10,000 implants in the 26 years DentaVac has been in Costa Rica.
Many patients are missing only one tooth and others are missing a few.  And other patients are missing all of their teeth.  We are able to place dental implants to replace a single tooth or to replace all of your teeth that are missing.

Many times we are able to place the implant and fabricate the crown in a single visit to Costa Rica and other times there is a healing period for the ultimate success of the implant.  We are usually able to design a tentative treatment schedule before you arrive at DentaVac so you can plan your travel and tour itinerary to see this beautiful country of Costa Rica.
The cost of each implant depends on the brand and size necessary.  The cost is for placing the implant and does not include any bone grafting, abutment or final restoration.  We treat every patient individually so you can be assured your best options and success rates.

Cost: $650 – $850



DentaVac Dental clinic offers to our patients the advantage of completing a full mouth restoration in one trip to Costa Rica.

This means that the majority of the teeth need some type of restoration for function and/or aesthetics.

Many patients choose to have a full mouth reconstruction because it can be completed in 1-2 weeks at DentaVac at a fraction of the cost.

Many patients usually require several root canals, crowns/bridges, fillings and possibly implants. In some cases we can incorporate implants that can be restored at the same time or the patient can return in a few months after the implants are solid in the bone.

Full mouth restorations combine the functional part of restoring the posterior teeth support necessary for chewing.

Then we are able make an incredible anterior cosmetic and aesthetic transformation of the anterior teeth so you are not only able to chew normally but your smile will be spectacular.

If you are able to email us a digital panorex x-ray and photographs, we will be able to discuss the best options for you.



Immediate load implants are becoming more popular in dental clinics across the world.

The term immediate load means the ability to place the final crown on top of the implant and abutment within 3 to 5 days after the implant surgery placement. At DentaVac, we can do immediate load implants but encourage our patients to read and learn about the risk and benefits of immediate load implants.

At Dentavac we make sure our patients understand that everyone is not a candidate for this procedure. Due to the density of bone, mandibular immediate load implants are more successful than maxillary. Sometimes the crown on top of an immediate load implant will not have the height or width of the regular tooth to avoid stress on the implant during the healing process. After the tissue heals, the gingiva at the location of the immediate load implant may shrink and the crown may not be tight against the gingiva creating space and a place for food to trap.

Our patients are aware that 2-Stage implants are more successful and more aesthetic and functional but immediate load implants sometimes is an option




DentaVac Dental Clinic in Costa Rica is able to restore your teeth with a variety of crown (cap) types.

Dental crowns are utilized to restore broken, decayed, worn-down, bite discrepancies, crooked and discolored teeth to a natural and life-like appearance and function.

Dental crowns can be made from a variety of materials such as:  porcelain, zirconia, porcelain fused to metal or zirconia or gold.  The restorative dentist at DentaVac Dental Clinic will analyze your individual situation and together will determine the best crown type for you.

Our Master Laboratory Technician will fabricate the most realistic looking crown imaginable at a fraction of the time.  You will be amazed at their artistic ability and how your new smile looks and feels.

Cost:  $395 – $500 per unit or tooth

Dental Bridges

DentaVac Dental Clinic believes that the best teeth are your natural teeth.

Sometimes, teeth may become badly damaged by decay, trauma, severely abscessed or periodontal disease and must be extracted. The popularity of dental bridges utilizing natural teeth has decreased due to the success rate of using implants to replace teeth. If a tooth is lost, many times the missing tooth can be supported in front and behind the space on the existing teeth. This is considered a dental bridge. For example, when 2-teeth support one missing tooth is considered a 3-unit bridge.

We are also able to replace many missing teeth by placing implants and supporting other missing teeth by implants. Many times we are able to place 2 implants and support 3 teeth. This is considered a 3-unit implant supported bridge.
Both types of bridges are good alternatives to replace missing teeth. Our Master Laboratory technician can fabricate a life-like and function bridge.

Cost: $395-500 per unit or tooth



Zirconia crowns (BruxZir®)

bruxzir-seal-logoWe at Dentavac use Solid BruxZir® Zirconia and BruxZir® Shaded Zirconia. Zirconia is a biocompatible metal which is located next to Titanium in the periodic chart of elements, for this reason their properties are very similar. Zirconia resist corrosion and is a very strong long lasting material. Being a durable material makes it ideal for posterior teeth that requires more strength than front teeth for chewing and grinding foods. Zirconia for dental comes in blocks that are milled by a computarized cutting machine into the shape of a tooth, which then goes through a fitting process and then cemented into the patient´s mouth. If we compare zirconia to porcelain crowns, porcelain crowns normally are more cosmetic because of translucency and zirconia is more opaque but porcelain crowns chip and break because they are not as robust as zirconia. At the end the mastership and experience of the doctor and technician is what makes the difference in your smile. Now, thanks to the new Bruxzir® Shaded formulation, Bruxzir® restorations exhibit improved translucency and color similar to natural dentition, making them a restorative option in the anterior as well. In summary the best quality of zirconia is its strength and longevity, but also is a color teeth looking material, wear resistant and involves minimal preparation of the tooth which means more of the original tooth is preserved.



We understand that when you look better, you feel better. When you feel better, you smile more!

With the help of cosmetic dentistry from DentaVac Dental Clinic, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing: smiling more. Come see us and we can work together to improve your smile.

Cosmetic dentistry is any dental work that improves the appearance of your teeth, mouth, gums, bite, and smile. Cosmetic dentistry is an excellent way to give your smile and your confidence a boost and includes procedures like teeth whitening, dental veneers, straightening teeth or improving the appearance of gums.

And although cosmetic dental work can be considered more of a “want” versus a “need,” the value of a good looking smile is priceless. Everyone needs a little self-esteem boost. Cosmetic dentistry from DentaVac Dental Clinic does that.



Zirconia crowns (BruxZir)

DentaVac clinic in Costa Rica offers laser chairside teeth whitening and home whitening with trays/gel.

Teeth whitening can remove stained teeth caused from age, coffee, tea, tobacco, soft drinks, medications and other factors. A simple common dental procedure that will make your natural smile look younger and brighter.

It is important that the teeth are as clean as possible and decay free.  Our dentist will perform a thorough evaluation prior to whitening your teeth to assure you are a good candidate.  It is important to have a hygiene cleaning within 1 month of whitening the teeth to make sure the teeth whiten evenly.

The procedure will involve 1 – 1 1/2 hours in the dental chair.  Our dental assistant will prepare the laser whitening system.  A gel is applied to your teeth and changed every 20 minutes during an hour. The gel is activated by a high intensity lamp accelerating the whitening process. After the one hour laser whitening procedure, your teeth can look one to four shades whiter. DentaVac Dental Clinic will make an impression of your teeth and provide you with trays and gel to take home for touch-ups if necessary.

You may choose not laser whiten your teeth and only use the Home Whitening System.  The home whitening we provide is Zoom Day White (Hydrogen Peroxide) or Night White (Carbamide Peroxide). To get similar results as we typically see with the 1-hour laser whitening system, you will need to utilize the home whitening system for 5-7 days.

Cost: $280- $420 (cost depends on the type of dental whitening used)



DentaVac Dental Clinic in Costa Rica is able to create you an ideal smile with Porcelain veneers.

We are normally able to provide you the smile you have always wanted in only 2-3 appointments during a single visit to Costa Rica.

Porcelain veneers are a thin, custom-made shells of porcelain designed to precisely fit over the front of the teeth.  Veneers are typically utilized to restore chipped teeth, fill-in spaces or gaps and hide discoloration.

Our Master Laboratory Technician is able to characterize your veneers to precisely the color, shape and size you desire.

Porcelain veneers are the most common procedure in smile-makeovers.  Veneers are also an option for patients that are just wanting to have a gorgeous smile that is radiant.

Our cosmetic dentist is able to design the ideal smile for you.  With a detailed conversation between you and our dentist concerning what you desire and what is achievable, our Master Laboratory technician can artistically create your Porcelain veneers that look natural and function normally.

Cost:  $495 per tooth


Couple With Porcelian Veneer


Many patients are missing their teeth and desire to have upper and/or lower full denture or partial denture.

DentaVac offers complete removable dentures and partial dentures as well as implant supported dentures.

Due to comfort, implant supported dentures are more comfortable than conventional dentures.  Either choice you desire, your denture will look as natural as possible while attempting to replicate the size, shape and color of your natural teeth.  We use plastic materials that will try to offer you the function, stability and support your natural teeth originally provided.

Patients that currently wear dentures often ask to have their dentures remade.  Depending on the situation, we can sometimes do this in a few days which would permit only one visit to Costa Rica.

We can also fabricate temporary dentures or partial dentures for patients that must wait for a healing process.  This may be necessary because they required multiple extractions or had dental implants placed. Many times they must wait a few months for the implants and/or bone graft to become solid and the temporary denture or partial will provide protection and an aesthetic option during this healing process.

If you desire a more stable denture, DentaVac also offer implant supported dentures. Depending on your case, we can utilize 2 to 8 implants.

The more implants you have for support, the more secure and comfortable your denture will be while chewing, speaking and smiling! Conventional dentures are always a very natural option to replace missing teeth.

Cost: $650 and up depending on the case.

Couple With Porcelian Veneer



Dental oral surgery is a common procedure performed at DentaVac.

Our team of dental surgeons are trained to perform many types of procedures that include implant placement, wisdom tooth extraction, bone graft, sinus lift & bone graft, crown enlargement surgery, implant All on 4 or 6 technique and much more.  Our dental surgeons were trained in the USA, Colombia, Costa Rica and others countries.

All of our procedures, including dental surgery, follow the same ADA standards of sterilization as dental clinics in the USA to promote safety and quality of care.  The safety of our patients and staff are crucial.
It is very important that patients share with us all of their health and medical history before planning dental surgery and coming to DentaVac.  Knowing this information will assure a more predictable outcome.  Prior to dental surgery, sometimes it is necessary for patients to acquire a written medical release from their primary care physician depending what health issues they may have or are dealing with.

Feel free to call us to discuss with one of our dentist your individual dental needs or concerns. We are always willing to assist you any way we can.

Cost: $250 and up depending on surgery.


Couple With Porcelian Veneer


DentaVac Dental Clinic in Costa Rica is able to remove the old unsightly metal or silver mercury fillings and replace it with tooth-colored dental cosmetic material.

In the past, tooth fillings were made of gold, amalgam (mercury filling) and other metal materials.

Modern dentistry allows us to use porcelain or composite material that closely matches the appearance of your natural teeth improving the aesthetic looks with structural integrity.

With new fillings or removal of existing fillings, the decay is removed and the tooth is prepared to precise specification.  The composite material is then bonded to the underlying tooth structure with resin adhesives.  It is then shaped and formed to mimic your natural tooth to ensure a normal bite.

Cost:  $85-$200


Composite Fillings



Root canal is a very common dental procedure performed at DentaVac Dental Clinic.

Our Endodontic specialist were trained in the USA, Mexico, Colombia and other countries.  The Endodontic specialist are additionally trained after general dental school the same as USA Endodontist to perform root canals.

Our Endodontist use advanced technologies and techniques that allows them to complete most root canals in a single visit.  With modern equipment and technology, the procedure is quick and accurate and most patients report minimal discomfort.  When necessary, we also utilize an Endodontic microscope that enables the Endodontist to see deep within the tooth to ensure accuracy and precision with difficult root canals.

A root canal is performed when the tooth becomes infected (abscessed) or has excessive pain that will not go away.  Sometimes a tooth may be fractured deep within the root and not even a root canal will help the pain.  If the tooth is abscessed, the inside root of the tooth is infected.

The infection must be removed and pressure relieved through an opening in the top of the tooth.  When the infected and/or painful nerve is removed, an endodontic material is placed in the root space to maintain a pain free sterile environment.  It is necessary to strengthen the internal aspects of the tooth with a post/core and typically a crown is necessary to maintain the integrity and strength of the tooth.

Cost:  $350 Each.


Before and After White Fillings 2




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